Starting during my time as a PhD student at Tilburg University, I have a great deal of experience supervising over 70 BA, MA and MSc students. Supervising students is one of my great pleasures as I really enjoy guiding students towards getting the best possible result out of themselves. Several of the Master’s theses I have supervised have been awarded the Best Master’s Thesis award both at Tilburg University and at the Information Studies degree at Aalborg University Copenhagen. In many cases, we have also been able to get (usually) Master’s thesis work published as conference papers at competitive conferences, such as CHIIR, ECIR, and the iConference.

Below is a representative selection of Bachelor and Master’s thesis topics that I have supervised over the years:

  • Dominyk Zdanovic & Tanja Julie Lembcke, The Influence of Data Storytelling on Information Recall from Visualizations (2021)
  • Stine Korfits Broch, Investigating the Use of Self-Addressed Reminders (2020)
  • Nathalie Glaf Stenhammer, Streamlining the Early Scientific Intelligence Curation Workflow through Novo Nordisk A/S (2020)
  • Claes Rytlig, Nikita Michelsen, Sara Gerling Jørgensen, Optimizing the User Experience of a Media Recommender System for Public Service Broadcaster DR (2018)
  • Alexander Nuka Scheel & Helene Høgh Larsen, Hands-free but not eyes-free: A Usability Evaluation of Siri while Driving (2018)
  • Amalie Enshelm Jensen, Caroline Møller Jægerfelt & Sanne Francis. ”I just scroll through my stuff until I find it or give up”: A Study of Personal Information Management on Private Handheld Devices (2017)
  • Aida Freixanet Viejo, Improving User Experience on Learning Recommender Systems through Contextual Explanations (2016)
  • Ditte Marie Kraglund, User Involvement in IT Startups in Bay Area Incubators (2015)
  • Diana Ransgaard Sørensen, Recommending Games on Twitter (2013)
  • Daniel Mørch Andersen, Application and Evaluation of a Recommender System based on Implicit Data in an E-Commerce Scenario (2013)
  • Edda Hrund Svanhildardottir & Ferroudja Kheddache, A Comparative Evaluation of Effectiveness, Efficiency, Usability, and User Satisfaction in Delicious and Yahoo! Directory (2011)
  • Jeff Schram, Improving User Interfaces for an Expert Search Engine (2010)
  • Joost Kneepkens, Recommending Articles for an Online Newspaper (2009)
  • Patrick de Man and Peter Garama, Finding Images Fast With Folksonomies (2008)
  • Klaas Kox, Using Citation Analysis for Expert Finding in Workgroups (2008)