I am an associate professor at IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I am a member of the Department of Computer Science. As part of my position, I serve part-time as the Chief Scientific Officer at the AI Pioneer Centre, a major Danish research center for fundamental and interdisciplinary AI research.

I also retain a part-time position as associate professor at Aalborg University Copenhagen (AAU-CPH) in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I am a member of the Science, Policy and Information Studies research group at the Department of Communication and Psychology at the Faculty of Humanities

My general research interests concern applying information access technologies to unlocking large information collections (e.g., recommender systems, search engines, and other AI-supported applications) and studying information behavior—how people interact with information and their devices. In my research I take both a user-centered and system-centered perspective on information access technology.

My current research is focused on three different areas:

  • Complex recommendation and search needs that go beyond the traditional search and recommendation paradigms
  • How humans manage their personal information on and across their devices with a specific focus on reminders as personal information
  • Making interactive information retrieval studies (= how humans interact with search engines) more reproducible and enabling the re-use of the resources used in these studies